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Start selling your brand on Western Europe Online Market

As a brand you want to grow to new markets. Including Europe. We as Online Distributor are specialised in

the Western European Market. Our headoffice is in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) where we work and make plans for brands to expand to the Western European countries.

When starting to penetrate the Western Europe market, we always advice to begin conquering the Dutch market. Therefore, you can see if your product sells and is suitable for the rest of the Western European Online Market.  If you don't believe in a safe route. There is always an route for the adventures brands.

What People Say

“When you start selling on the Dutch Market, you can already tell if your product will succeed in the rest of Western Europe.” 

In a nutshell, there are 2 ways of entering the Western European market.

1 - Do it safe, do it structured

If you want to experience if your brand is selling with minimal risks, we advise to start first selling your key products on bol.com (largest marketplace of the Netherlands with an revenue of 1.2 billion last year). By the use of the fulfilment service of bol.com, you can experience if your key products sell and rotate. 


2 - Dive into it straight away

When our analyses show, or when your brand knows there is already a market, we start straight away by making a online shop including the languages English, Dutch, German and French. (if these content is off course available for your brand).  Additional, we put all your products on our fulfilment centre in the Netherlands where we can ship troughout the whole of Europe (also beyond Western Europe countries like Spain and Italy).

Facts & Figures

Western European Online Markets

(source: eCommercenews.eu)

Small steps to become big Brands

We came up with a 4 step plan for a brand, starting from launching your key products in the Netherlands till becoming a well known brand throughout Western Europe

Step 1 - Launching your brand 

Putting your key products at bol.com. The largest Online Marketplace of the Netherlands

We start by putting your key products at bol.com by using their Fulfilment by Bol.com service (similar as Fulfilment by Amazon). Which means that bol.com will ensure the shipments, returns and customer care of your key products. You will experience very soon how the Dutch market reacts to your brand and you will find out if you have some marketing work to do.

Step 2 - Building your Online Shop

It is time to build your online shop and start deliver to all Western Europe countries

After the celebration that your products really sells in the Netherlands, it is time to pick up the pace and build your own Western Europe online shop. If the content is available, we advice to aim for an Online shop with the languages English, Dutch, German and French. 

Beside, we put all your products on our fulfillment centre in the Nehterlands. Which makes it possible to send your products throughout the whole of Europe (also beyond Western Europe countries like Spain and Italy).

Step 3 - Grow your Dutch Marketshare

When the fundamentals are steady and stable. It is time to expand your brand awareness. Starting with the Netherlands

After realising an online shop, and have some experience with the fulfilment throughout Western Europe, you can conclude it is time to scale up and get some more traffic to your online shop from the Netherlands and Belgium.

Online marketing channels like Google Adwords, SEO and additional marketplaces will be used to ensure 100% online distribution and good traffic numbers. 

Step 4 - Expand to whole Western Europe

When the Dutch market is growing steady. Including the revenues. It is time to expand even further

After conquering the Dutch Online Market, it is time to expand to other countries in Western Europe, like Germany, France, and Belgium. Using their marketplaces (like Amazon) and online marketing channels.

Step by step, your brand is becoming a known brand throughout whole Western Europe by this time.

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