Webshop software – unlimited choices!

When you want to start your own webshop, a lot comes your way. Choosing online store software, for example. There is a lot of choice, you can feel overwhelmed by all the information. The right choice is one of the most important points when starting a web store, because a web store stands or falls with a good web store system. But how do you choose the right software?

Why is webshop software important?

Starting a webshop starts with the basics: webshop software. This software is important for both your customer and yourself.
Webshop software provides the right customer experience; if your online store looks good, your customers can find their products and see if it is in stock, and when ordering and paying are a breeze, you score points. And you want to score points to distinguish yourself and to ensure that your webshop is a success.
Good web shop software for yourself means good order processing. If you have a thriving online store, you will often spend a large part of the day working in the back office of your online store. The right web shop software with a good administration panel is important for you to be able to process orders easily.

How do you choose?

Make sure that the software you choose suits your situation, your wishes and requirements. So put these in a row in advance. Because when you know what you want and what you are looking for, it is easier to view and compare different providers. For example, consider the following points:

Dutch focus

For many web shops, the value of a pure Dutch player is decisive. Think of helping Dutch customers, Dutch regulations, Dutch support, Dutch experience and Dutch dropshipping suppliers.
If you (only) want to enter the Dutch market, check for example CCV Shop, Shop page, Shopify, Mijnwebwinkel and Jouwweb.

Design possibilities

Making a good first impression is important. So you want your website to look nice and slick. Therefore, look carefully at software that contains standard templates that match the corporate identity of your company or that are easy and easy to edit.
If design is very important to you, check out Shopify, Lightspeed, Shop page and WordPress.

Search engine optimalization

It is important for every webshop to obtain free visitors through Google. The search engine optimization options of your online store must therefore be good. Make sure that you can adjust all meta titles, descriptions and texts on the website, so that search engines understand what the pages of your online store are about. Lightspeed (formerly SEOshop!) Has good SEO in order, Shopify, Mijnwebwinkel and WordPress also have good systems that improve the findability of your webshop.

Mobile optimalization

Then you have a wonderful online shop, but when your customers want to buy via their smartphone, it doesn’t look like much. That is of course not possible, especially now that we are increasingly buying via our smartphones and tablets. Fortunately, all the webshop suppliers mentioned have good functionalities for this.

Webshop WITH or WITHOUT own domain name

Opening a webshop on the domain name of the webshop supplier is often the cheapest option. This is possible at Mijnwebwinkel, Jouwweb or Shopify.
However, it is wise to buy your own domain name with the name of your webshop, so that you can use it on social media and other means of communication. This also prevents someone else from claiming your domain name, which can lead to confusion. If you also want your own domain name, check out Shopify, Lightspeed, CCV Shop and WordPress.

Purchase optimization (conversion optimization)

Getting visitors into your shop is fun, but you also want to sell something. There are several elements you can set to help you with this. This is called optimization for conversion. Consider, for example, adding plug-ins for payment methods, shipping options and the use of Call to actions in the content.


There are many providers, with many options that work slightly differently everywhere. There are also differences in the rates of the software. So determine well what budget you want to reserve for the web shop software. Many providers also offer packages that you can purchase monthly or annually. You can try some webshop software for free for a certain period. Very useful to see if it meets your wishes and requirements. You can try out multiple systems through different registrations and only then make your choice.


Choosing online store software is not easy. Really take the time to make the right choice, because switching at a later time is sometimes difficult and time-consuming. Know that not every provider is suitable for everyone. Look for web shop software that gives you as an entrepreneur a good feeling and that you can work with, and that meets your requirements and wishes.