Lightspeed Multishop

One stock point for all your web shops

Thanks to Lightspeed MultiShop, you can easily link multiple web shops to one warehouse or stock point.

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Unlimited. Link unlimited web shops to your stock point

Up-to-date. Your stock is always accurate, everywhere and for everyone

Personal. Always good consultation and personal coordination

Link all your web shops to one stock point

Do you want to link multiple web shops to one stock point? We build a custom link that turns your stock point into a MultiShop, to which you can link unlimited web shops . For example, do you have multiple domains (.nl, .de, .be) that all work from the same stock? With MultiShop your stock is always updated for all your web shops. For example, the stock of a product on one web shop is immediately updated when the same product is purchased on your other web shop. No more hassle with manual updates, disappointed customers and no-sells.

Always, everywhere and up-to-date for everyone!

Experienced Lightspeed Partner

Online Distributeur has been a Lightspeed partner for many years. Lightspeed is the most complete e-Commerce system for retailers who want to grow their (online) business. Thanks to our short lines of communication and good relationship with Lightspeed, we can support you in no time at all with setting up your MultiShop.

Personal approach

At Online Distributeur we work personally and proactively. We believe in good consultation, personal coordination and we do not follow a standard recipe: every entrepreneur is different and therefore has different wishes. We listen, respond to your personal situation and then use our expertise as efficiently as possible to optimise your web shop.

Customised rates

Custom link



  • Creating a custom link
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  • 2 Lightspeed eCom web shops linked to 1 stock point

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extra Web shop



  • For each additional web shop

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  • API link – a.o. real time stock- and order update

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