Selling via does it suit your company?

Updated: Jan 20

Should I be selling via

Sales platforms, such as, are becoming increasingly important within e-commerce and can no longer be ignored. is one of those sales platforms and top of mind for many consumers and they “shop” to their heart’s content. is the largest in the Netherlands and Belgium in terms of turnover and supply. Special is that they are also part of Ahold (read; Albert Heijn, Etos and Gall & Gall). This only strengthens her position. To be honest, we see as a party that cannot be ignored. And a party that can help you with more visibility, turnover and profit.
The question for you, as a retailer or brand, is whether you want to sell on Whether it suits you. A few considerations are important here.

Visibility versus Transparency provides a lot of online visibility. But also for a lot of transparency. Think of; your sales prices, your consumer experiences and also all your customer questions. collects a lot of data. So weigh visibility and transparency against each other and consider whether is a good strategic choice for your company or brand.

Meeting high standards

Another important consideration is that you have to take into account the high standards that applies with regard to your logistics and customer results and satisfaction. This means, among other things, whether you deliver within your promised shipping days and how quickly you respond to customer questions. So think carefully about what you can deliver and act accordingly. also looks at how you position yourself in terms of price relative to other sellers or similar products. If you are too expensive, will turn off your offer. If your offer is priced a lot higher than your own webshop prices (by incorporating the commission from in your sales price, for example), you will be asked to use the same prices. The commission that uses will therefore directly affect your margins. However, when your sales increase significantly, it can compensate for the smaller margins. It is therefore important to gain insight into how much more you have to sell to start making a profit again. And whether that seems feasible via
We recommend that you carefully weigh the above considerations and discuss them internally before deciding whether to sell via Are you working with Then keep an eye on our next blogs: selling successfully on in 10 easy steps.

Who is Online Distributeur?

We are 3 to be precise. Tim, Andrew and Theo. All with their own expertise, but with one mission; Making an impact. We are entrepreneurs in heart and soul and want to make an impact on your turnover and growth through (online) contact. We like a no-nonsense approach and focus on you and your company. A nice bonus is that 2 of us have worked at for more than 4 years. We know how to distinguish yourself on