Successful sales on logistics and reviews

Logistics via

The great thing about is that they have opened their own logistics center (read; their warehouse) to external sellers. This way you no longer have to store your own stock in, for example, a container or rented space. You then pay every month to store, maintain and ship your products. At the moment you are probably already making a nice turnover via By using Logistics you can generate more sales via
It seems that when you use Logistics, sees your products as products. And that is a big advantage. Your products always have an advantage at And this will always lead to the buy button; Logistics via is certainly worth considering. Contact us to organize logistics via together.


You probably know the benefits of a positive customer experience when selling your products. Perhaps also the disadvantages of a negative customer experience. Either way, reviews are important. The more positive reviews, the sooner a consumer will buy. Our advice is therefore to automatically or manually ask every customer who buys a product from you from for a product review. These reviews also have an impact on your buy button and therefore on your turnover.
This was the last blog in the series about successful selling via You have gone through everything. We wish you the best of luck! And let us know how it goes. Or if we can help you with a specific step. We are always interested in you and your company.

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We are 3 to be precise. Tim, Andrew and Theo. All with their own expertise, but with one mission; Making an impact. We are entrepreneurs in heart and soul and want to make an impact on your turnover and growth through (online) contact. We like a no-nonsense approach and focus on you and your company. A nice bonus is that 2 of us have worked at for more than 4 years. We know how you can distinguish yourself on We are happy to help you optimize your campaign so that you can sell successfully via