Selling successfully on where to start?

You want to start selling via But where do you start?

Signing up at

It pretty much goes without saying. First make sure you have a Chamber of Commerce number, otherwise you cannot register. will then guide you through a number of verification steps and then give you access to their business login. At they call this a sales account.
Now you can already start selling your products.
TIP: In the unlikely event that it is not possible to go through all the steps of the verification, you can always ask for help. has good customer service. They take the time for you and, if necessary, walk you through the entire process. If you still cannot find a solution or if you want to outsource this step, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

How do you link your webshop offer?

There are two ways to link your offer to your account. You can add your products manually or via a linking program, also called an aggregator. Which way is right for you depends on how many products you are going to sell via With a limited number of products, we recommend adding them manually. This takes some time, but you save money for the services of an aggregator such as Channable or EffectConnect. If you want to sell a large number of products, we recommend using such a service. You then provide a fully automated link between your webshop and Your offer is always up-to-date, both in terms of content, prices and stock. This saves you a lot of time. Time that you can invest in your webshop and automatically also in your sales. The first step to maximum turnover. TIP: Do you want Effect Connect at a competitive rate? We are happy to help you sell via When you sell unique products, such as in the example of BEECH furniture, you will have to fill in the specifications and additional information of your individual products. This is required information, and ensures that your products are displayed properly, beautifully and effectively on Think of pictures, descriptions, attributes and unique specifications.
This does not apply if you sell products that already knows, existing offer as we call it. In this case provides all this information.
You can add this information manually or via an aggregator, just like in the step above. Again applies here; do you have a small or large offer?
Regardless of your choice, manually or via a program, you realize that you have to invest time in linking with To be found well and to achieve maximum results, you will have to categorize your products in the way. In other words, you must convert your webshop language to the language. You really have to sit down for this.

Finally live on

You now have everything ready to go live properly. has processed all your product information on their site, put your sales prices online and processed the stock levels in their system. You now only have to determine which products you want to sell or not. You may not be allowed to sell some brands through Perhaps because the manufacturer does not approve of this, or that thinks that you do not have a competitive offer compared to other sellers.
Now you can go live! Exciting, millions of customers can now see and buy your products.

Linking families and variants

Now that everything is live, you can continue building your account. A nice next step is to make links between your different products according to size, size and / or color. For example, if you have a T-shirt in six different colors, you can connect them fairly quickly and easily at
This has many advantages. It provides convenience for the consumer. On the page of the white T-shirt, you can also directly see the five other colors of T-shirts. This convenience for the consumer on the one hand gives you a chance of more sales (read; conversion) on the other. And another nice extra, if you get a good review on one of those six T-shirts, it will also be immediately visible on the other linked products.
Linking all your families and variants is again a time-consuming job. But also really valuable.
TIP: Do you not have the time to properly link all your products? Start with the products with which you generate the most turnover. Expand it step by step. About contact us and we will help you with this.