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Lightspeed is a supplier of point-of-sale and e-Commerce software. Lightspeed provides small and medium retail and restaurant businesses with point-of-sale solutions for running their online business successfully.

Lightspeed eCom is the most complete web shop software for efficient stock management and SEO optimised web shops. 50,000 other online entrepreneurs preceded you and work successfully with Lightspeed.

At, the leading web shop in the Netherlands for books, toys, household items and electronics, they believe that you can achieve more for the customer together than alone. That is why they offer a shopping platform where sellers and suppliers can offer their product to more than 8 million potential customers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Also increase your sales market and reach your target group even faster by making use of’s enormous market share.


Selling products through sales platforms offers many opportunities. They help you reach millions of new European consumers, without making major investments. Reaching these new consumers often results in an increase in sales and the logistics that go with it can be a time-consuming and error-prone task if you don’t know enough about how these channels work.

EffectConnect offers the solution and can integrate your web shop with various sales platforms.

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