Lightspeed ProductSync

Sync product info between your shops

Thanks to Lightspeed ProducSync you manage your product offer in one place.

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Save time. No hassle with multiple ex- and imports.

Overview. All your content is in one central location.

Control. Based on rules, decide where to sync your products.

Manage products in a smart way

Thanks to ProductSync you can easily connect the product content of your webshops. Through one webshop that will function as the ‘source’ for all content, you can easily decide which content will be in which shop. Easy peasy!

Whether it’s images, titles, descriptions, filters, specifications, metadata or any extra fields: all content can easily be assigned to their designated location. When you edit the image of a product it will immediately be changed in all other shops.

Up to date anywhere, anytime and for anyone! 

Experienced Lightspeed Partner

Online Distributeur has been a Lightspeed partner for many years. Lightspeed is the most complete e-Commerce system for retailers who want to grow their (online) business. Thanks to our short lines of communication and good relationship with Lightspeed, we can support you in no time at all with setting up your ProductSync.




Per month

  • Titles & content

  • Variants

  • Price

  • Delivery time

  • Images

  • Categories

  • Filters

  • Specifications

  • Extra fields

  • Tags

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Per month

  • Automatic updates

  • Reviews

  • Related product offer

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  • Analysis

  • Technical implementation

  • Short training

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