Lightspeed innovation: getting your MultiStore up and running

Getting MultiStore up and running together

Multi Store is a standard tool with a custom approach. We look at your situation. After all, it is about your company and your wishes and ambitions. Online Distributor will help you with a custom link.
Step 1 – Preparation
Good preparation is half the work. We start with a good inventory; think of the number of products, the number of stores you want to link, and the desired frequency for stock and order linking. But also important things such as; Is all product content (descriptions, photos, etc.) known for the new physical store that you are going to link? Are you going to deliver from 2 stores or from 1? We think about stock levels, deliveries, delivery times from the store and how to prepare the staff for these new processes.
Step 2 – Stock
Now we have to ensure that the range (with unique content) from all stores is properly linked to your webshop. We create an API link for each store; an IT link between two systems that ensures that these systems communicate with each other at specific times. With this link you ensure that your current stock levels are visible in the webshop. These links are custom-made. And you can choose how many times a day this happens. For example every 5 minutes or once a day.
Step 3 – Orders
After the stock has been linked, we provide a link back from the webshop. This means that the orders (including packing slip) are passed on to the store, for example by means of an automatic mail to the various stores with the order. Exactly how this is done depends on your current processes and wishes. We look together for the ideal feedback.
Step 4 – Current Stock Status
The last step is an update of the stock when an order has been processed by the relevant store. You can do this manually, but of course also fully automatically. The great thing is that this functionality is built into the Multi Store module as standard. You still have the choice to have this stock adjusted per day, per hour or per 5 minutes. This is very dependent on your rotation, so we will work with you to find the ideal solution.

What do I pay for a current total stock and more conversion?

The Online Distributor Multi Store tool costs € 249 per month for 2 physical stores and a stock and order update every 24 hours. Linking an extra physical store, on top of the standard 2, costs € 49 per store per month. An update per hour or per 5 minutes costs respectively € 49 and € 99 per month. Making the custom link, especially for your webshop and physical stores, costs € 1250, – once.

Who is Online Distributeur? The builders of MultiStore.

Online Distributor consists of Tim, Andrew and Theo. All with their own expertise, but with one mission; Making an impact.
“We are entrepreneurs through and through and want to make an impact on your turnover and growth through (online) contact.”
Online distributeur has a no-nonsense approach and pays attention to you and your company. They also have 2 successful Lightspeed web shops themselves. They know how to stand out on Lightspeed.