Lightspeed Content Manager

Save time adding new products in Lightspeed

Quickly enrich your product information in Lightspeed eCom (C-Series) and easily add filters, specifications, additional categories, images and other fields to products.

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Copy-paste. Copy, paste and change information from other products

White spots. Identify ‘holes’ in your data and update in an easy way

Working lists. Make working lists that always show products that miss specific information (e.g. filters specifications).

Lightspeed Content Manager

With the Lightspeed eCom Content Manager you can easily update your products with the missing information. The tool automatically imports your products from Lightspeed eCom (C-Series) and lets you update the content you want to add. Also the information you cannot import in Lightspeed like filters, delivery times and specifications.

You can identify the white spots in your data and create lists that always show you the products that have missing information.

Experienced Lightspeed Partner

Online Distributeur has been a Lightspeed partner for many years. Lightspeed is the most complete e-Commerce system for retailers who want to grow their (online) business. Thanks to our short lines of communication and good relationship with Lightspeed, we can support you as quick as lightning with the automation of your processes.


Content manager


Per month

  • Titels and description

  • Brand and supplier

  • Delivery times

  • Images

  • Categories

  • Filters

  • Specifications

  • Tags

  • Extra template data

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from €1500,-


  • Analysis

  • Technical implementation

  • Short training

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