Opening a webshop with Lightspeed

For those who want to open a webshop or already have a webshop but are looking for a total package, the possibilities are endless. There are so many things to think about; stock management, sales data, payments, visibility in the search engines, look & feel of your webshop, technical support… Lightspeed is a provider of the total package of webshop software that helps and supports you in all areas. So that you can focus on marketing and important and fun things.

What is Lightspeed?

Lightspeed (formerly SEOshop) offers good, easy and complete webshop software for SME retailers. Lightspeed has a large network of partners and apps with which you can link the software. You can download plug-ins for marketing, sales, customer service, inventory management, accounting and much more. And it looks slick too. A very complete package. Even so complete that if you want to scale up because your company is getting bigger, there are many possibilities. For example with SEO (Search Enging Optimization) and marketing options for the webshop. Or with a template engine; software to combine templates with a data model to produce multiple pages that have the same look throughout the site. Lightspeed grows with you.

How Lightspeed works

Intuitive. Within 10 minutes you set up a demo account and you are already behind the scenes (in the backend) of your own webshop. You can easily make adjustments; add products or adjust the design of your webshop, for example. You can choose from different themes, which you can then easily adjust. It works very simply; you can just “fill in” the website. There are also pages ready for you to edit and finish yourself. The disclaimer, about us and general terms and conditions for example. Lightspeed offers page-specific SEO options. The dashboard is very good and complete. It also helps you with statistics, marketing, blogs, stock, orders and you can link apps to make your website even better. The Lightspeed software is very easy to use.

Benefits of Lightspeed

  • User-friendly software: even without programming knowledge you can easily and quickly set up a webshop with Lightspeed. You don’t need any technical knowledge.
  • A webshop design to your liking and taste: your webshop is your business card. And the better that looks, the more you sell. With Lightspeed you can choose templates, which you can adapt to your own taste with a handy HTM / CSS editor.
  • The webshop looks good on all devices: whether your customers buy from you via a laptop, a tablet or their smartphone, your webshop looks good on any device with responsive designs from Lightspeed.
  • Your webshop is easy to find: lightspeed is search engine friendly, with tons of search engine optimization tools. And that is important, because search engines are often the most important acquisition channel for web shops.
  • Customer data is safe: lightspeed works with secure connections, so that the data is stored safely. So you don’t have to worry about data leakage from your customers.
  • Low payment costs for the customer: customers of a webshop do not only pay for a product, but also for the use of a payment method. The lowest rates in the market for IDEAL payments are provided by Lightspeed.
  • Going international? This is also well arranged with Lightspeed software. You can opt for internationalization and different countries and you can link languages ​​to your webshop. This way you have a multilingual webshop relatively quickly.
  • Customer service: if you encounter problems or have other questions, good support is possible, with Dutch support.


  • Cost: the basic amount of Lightspeed is higher than that of the competition, also because it is a very extensive total package.
  • Short trial period: with Lightspeed you can test the software for free for fourteen days. After that, you no longer have access to your Lightspeed webshop, unless you pay. This trial period may be just too short for busy entrepreneurs.
  • Limited number of templates: ideally, you want to match the looks of your webshop to your corporate identity. This can be difficult because Lightspeed offers a limited number of templates.
  • Pay for extra features: the possibilities within Lightspeed are almost endless. But for all expansions and extra options you pay and then the monthly amount can increase considerably.

Lightspeed – Webshop examples

To make a decision, it might be nice to have a look at some examples of Lightspeed web stores. Below we highlight a number of examples that are on the Lightspeed site: