We could never have grown so fast without this automation. Baskèts.




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The Netherlands

Online and offline sneaker brand

Sneakers are everywhere these days. This was not always the case: a few years ago the sneaker culture was not as established as it is today, and it was more urban-oriented. The purpose of Baskèts? Breaking that pattern and making sneakers more accessible. The result is two stores – one in the Jordaan, one in the Pijp – and a web shop. Baskèts has since become an all-round brand, including clothing and accessories.

More efficiency thanks to Omnichannel

The online and offline aspect of Baskèts comes into its own thanks to the use of an omnichannel POS system. With this you still have the advantages of a physical store, such as tangibility and local brand awareness, but you also make use of the possibilities that eCommerce offers. The loads, such as split inventory or customer base, are streamlined by the system.

Use data to your advantage

In addition to seamlessly connecting the online and offline world, Baskèts goes a step further by diving deeper into the figures. There is more competition, also online, so it is important that entrepreneurs use their data in addition to their gut feeling. After all, measuring is knowing, and if you know exactly where you stand, you can make really good decisions.

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