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The Netherlands


Colomoda has been working with Colombian manufacturers and brands since 2010. Brands that are exclusive and less known to the general public. We do this for stores and web shops that want to distinguish themselves. Because colomoda believes there is a growing need for original and innovative men’s underwear.

Efficiently switched to Lightspeed

Via the necessary API links and thanks to the use of RPA, our shop was transferred quickly and clearly. Including the complex data, which usually causes headaches, was immediately transferred well.

Use this ‘new’ webshop to your advantage

By converting our webshop from Lightspeed to Magento, it was also a good time to look at our current data. Filters, specifications and variants, for example. These were examined, supplemented where necessary and properly set by the tools from Online Distributor to Lightspeed. In short, an excellent opportunity to set up the shop well and neatly this time.

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Switching from Magento to Lightspeed. Highly recommended – Janwillem, Founder

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We could never have grown this fast without this automation – Sam, Founder

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