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Automation & API Linking is a huge platform, with a huge number of potential customers. By offering your products on this platform, you significantly increase your sales market. With a large assortment, the benefit of automation is great. Think in terms of both products (read; content) and products (read; offers). In collaboration with EffectConnect we have an API connection that realizes this.

The extra turnover you generate with this can be reinvested in your company. A win-win situation.

Experienced partner

Online Distributeur has been an official partner of for years. We help entrepreneurs with the integration of their web shop and We help you to increase your sales market and use advanced integrations in our partner network to optimise sales and profit. Selling via and Logistics via has never been easier.

Personal approach

At Online Distributeur we work personally and proactively. We believe in good consultation, personal coordination and do not follow a standard recipe: every entrepreneur is different and therefore has different wishes. We listen, respond to your personal situation and then use our expertise as efficiently as possible to optimise your web shop.

Customised rates

start-up costs

€ 149, –


  • Connecting your webshop with using our tool

Excl. mapping of unique products

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Sales through

€ 99, –


  • Link up to 5000 EAN to 5 marketplaces such as

  • Incl. Order link, Stock & price link and Fulfillment Manager

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  • Make sure your sales prices are competitive, but also take your purchase prices and margins into account.

This will maximise your sales and profit

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  • Completely outsourced to Online Distributor, who provides support for your Sales via

This equates to 4 hours of support per month.

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