The Freedom of Business.
As a team.

Entrepreneurship often starts with an idea or ideal. And the desire to be responsible yourself. Being able to take responsibility to organise your own time, how you spend and invest your money, and how you live your life is freedom for us.

We operate from that idea of freedom.

Independence is a great asset. And, in our view, gives room for more social choices.
That we have been able to create freedom to take care of ourselves and our family is a privilege, that we also have the freedom to do more for our environment is a choice and an ideal. All three of us embrace a more social way of spending our acquired time.

Below we introduce ourselves and tell you a bit more about how you can acquire more freedom in and with your company.

Tim Matser

IT & Automation

‘Technology can contribute to a better world and this sector provides jobs that are both meaningful and fun. Solving complex problems by creating simple solutions, that gives me energy. My daily work is certainly also my passion. ‘

Théo van Tuijl


‘Coming from a large family, I learned to deal with different types of people and that good communication is fundamental. I get a kick out of growing things. From relationships with family and friends to nature, but certainly also growth on a personal and business level. ‘

Andrew Vafi


‘I’ve always been an adventurer, looking for movement and risks. I discovered that entrepreneurship is a way of working that suits me well: working with passionate people and companies. Believing in a dream and taking steps to really realise it ‘

Dirk Vermeulen

eCom Manager

‘The freedom of entrepreneurship gives me the energy to work “normally” from 9 to 6. Always looking to improve things or processes that require unnecessary energy. Like doing things twice. I prefer to get it right first time. Then we can spend our time on things that really make us happy; such as family, friends and hobbies’

Jori van den Bosch


‘Contributing to the growth of emerging businesses gives me a lot of energy. We work with entrepreneurs who hit barriers which we can help them overcome with our expertise. Entrepreneurship to me is taking responsibility for your own succes. With at the start of everything our clients.’

How do we create more freedom together?

Doing business is not easy. It is hard work, sometimes insecure and requires perseverance. You have to deal with much more than just your idea, your product / service or your expertise. And the latter often goes wrong.

We see that many entrepreneurs and self-employed people can save time and increase turnover by dealing more efficiently and effectively with their (online) business processes. Processes where your expertise does not necessarily lie.

Our tools and personal approach (it concerns your question and your company) ensure that you can focus on the core of your company again.

Together with you we discuss where value and profit can be gained for your company. And which solution best suits this. We create tools that provide automatic stock management, links between different stores you have (online, offline), migration tools, and tools that make smart use of the algorithms of search engines and online department stores such as

While we save time and increase revenue, you can again choose where you spend your time and money.

And that completes the circle, because then we are back to freedom. Freedom that we create together; As a team.

In addition to our own expertise, we also have a network of cooperation partners that we are happy to use to deliver that little bit extra. Extras that match our goal; make a positive impact on your company.

Below we introduce a few to you.

Groningen, The Netherlands
Virtual Assistant – FVS Support

I could never explain what I wanted to be when I grow up. I went in all directions: following countless courses, spontaneously changing jobs and out of the blue deciding to move abroad. Some called it unease, I prefer to call it adventurous. As an entrepreneur, for the first time I am free to come and go wherever I want, but also to choose my own customers and to give my own interpretation to assignments. With Online Distributeur I am never bored: a lively, friendly and knowledgeable company that I support with great pleasure.

Hoorn, The Netherlands
SEO – Koen Ras

I am a fortune seeker with a great passion for nature, travel and adventure. In addition, I am a result-oriented SEO specialist and I think along to bring a website to the top in the search engines! Honesty and transparency are very important here, as is a problem-solving mentality.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Google Adwords – Adsspecialists

For me, freedom in entrepreneurship means, among other things, that you can determine with whom you want to collaborate. This has resulted in a natural collaboration with Online Distributeur because we complement each other very well when it comes to online marketing, strategy and technology. Combining these expertise has enabled us to grow many customers together, and we have been doing so for years with great pleasure.

On the Road, Greece
API Specialist – Programmeur op Wielen

I love exploring unknown territory, and for that reason I exchanged my home for a camper in 2019. That’s why I am called ‘the programmer on wheels’. With Online Distributeur I have plenty of room for my great passions, building / inventing kick-ass software, traveling, nature and culture. At Online Distributeur I am responsible for the development and architecture of the underlying software.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For me, the freedom of entrepreneurship means choosing your own direction. Follow your passion and do it your way. As an SEO specialist, I know better than anyone that there are countless ways to optimise a website. How do you find the best way? By analysing and communicating. In this way you come together to find the way that is successful for your business!

“One who has never been captured, will not feel freedom.”
That is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about what freedom means to me.

I am sure that every human being has been imprisoned to one degree or another. In yourself, in your environment, in paid employment, in the future, or in the (unconscious) pursuit of goals that were actually there for someone else. The trick is to use that captivity to get closer to breaking out and becoming yourself step by step. And thus closer to your strength.

I can say that I have elevated the struggle to break out into an art form (I have put myself in prison quite often…). But it did get me where I am now. I live with peace and room and I write. The time I have left is there for others.

I feel at home at Online Distributeur. I believe in this concept. We strengthen each other. And that gives freedom; Freedom to focus on what you are good at and what you enjoy. As one part of a greater whole. And it works! I am proud of our services and products.

Den Bosch, The Netherlands
Copywriter – To the Point

Groenekan, Nederland
RPA Specialist – Artilience

Why I became an entrepreneur? To have the freedom to decide my own course. After a great career at corporate software companies I really missed that freedom. 

Now, with Artilience, I can offer our service to large and small organizations. Nobody wants to do boring, repetitive work, such as constantly retyping client-, product-, or orderinformation. With the various digital assistants we put to work at Online Distributeur this is no longer necessary. 

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